On The Issues

It's time we stand up for each other - Elaine will stand in the gap.

Improved Transportation and Infrastructure

With Knoxville being situated as the crossroads of I-40 and I-75, Elaine understands the unique opportunity Knoxville has for business and tourism. Our state motto is agriculture and commerce. Knoxville has the advantages of both. Elaine emphasizes that the effectiveness of TDOT not only promotes business, but more importantly, it is a safety issue.

Investing in Public Schools

Elaine believes that investing in our next generation is the most important thing we can do. As a Farragut High School and University of Tennessee graduate herself, Elaine has seen firsthand how important a role education plays in one's life. Elaine will:

  • Support to raise teacher pay

  • Support arts and music classes

Invest in Career and Technical Education (Career and technical education (CTE) is the practice of teaching specific career skills to students in middle school, high school, and post-secondary institutions.)

Affordable Healthcare

Elaine believes that more market based solutions along with more transparency in healthcare costs can promote more affordable healthcare solutions. She agrees that health savings accounts, block grants, and other alternatives need to be evaluated. Elaine will continue to support Preventive Care, "Right to Try", and Addiction Treatment resources to our citizens benefit. 


Elaine's main priority will be to create a business friendly environment, and will work to bring quality jobs to Tennessee.

Skilled Trades

Elaine believes in investing in the trades, to bring people into middle class jobs. She strongly supports the CTE programs in Knox County School System.


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